1. Beef bones for broth

    Beef bones for broth

  2. Beef bones for soup

    Beef bones for soup

    Beef backbones
    Meat content up to 25%
  3. Beef loin

    Beef loin

    Frozen, vaacumpackaged
    Average weight 1,5 kg
  4. Beef ribs

    Beef ribs

    Find in our stores
  5. Beef shoulder boneless

    Beef shoulder boneless

  6. Beef shoulder with bone

    Beef shoulder with bone

  7. Beef soupmeat

    Beef soupmeat

  8. Beef tenderloin

    Beef tenderloin

    Frozen, vacuumpackaged
    Average weight 1,2 kg
  9. Beef tongue

    Beef tongue

  10. Beef, top grade

    Beef, top grade

    Bacside meat, boneless
    For horeca: 3-4 kg vaacumpackages